Professional work

For more about my professional work I like to invite you to read the following published work, or contact me: Passenger resting: Zodiac and Airbus to design lower deck passenger facility Airbus-Safran Lower Deck Pax Experience modules in firm development Crew resting: Zodiac aerospace launches next generation crew rest this first class crew rest area will give… Read more →

Crew rest prototype

Prototyping is an important part of all projects, but when designing something as complex as aircraft interior, it might be one of the most important things. And while many of the prototypes are purely functional and have a clear objective, there is something satisfying about building a prototype for sales purposes.   Working together with a great team of experienced… Read more →

Glass and concrete lamp

Some designs are about seeing the opportunity, combining materials, productions techniques and trying to make something cool .. A combination of the hard concrete with the transparency of the glass gives this lamp a special feel.                       Read more →


Background: Moving in with my girlfriend meant combining our books and records, a specialized design makes sure this bookshelf meets all our wishes. Bottom half of the shelf is designed for big books, vinyl records and record player. Top half for pockets and other books. The open black thin steel structure is designed to disappear when filled with books,   only… Read more →

Crew rest experience, Bunk view

Crew rest experience

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for airline crews to rest on long flights? At Zodiac Galleys Europe we have. Working at Zodiac I was in leading the complete re-design of a resting facility for the cabin crew on large airplanes. Zodiac Galleys Europe produces Lower Deck Mobile Crew Rests (LDMCR) for Airbus A330/A340 since the ‘90s. Over the years… Read more →

Firebasket from a distance

Fire basket

Background: Inspired by flickering flames through the woods, the Fire basket creates a ever changing graphic. I designed the fire basket as a present for my fathers birthday. I made the design in Solidworks 3D CAD, exporting the various graphics for water jet cutting. Result: The Fire basket is made out of 2mm steel cut into shape using water jet cutting. Water jet… Read more →

Parasol bed

Parasol bed

Background: Inspired by the parasol building in Seville, the bed is designed around an organic structural backbone. Like the building in Seville, the bed is made of  interlocking wooden parts. Challenge: The bed is made of wood available at the local hardware store, and can be completely assembled without any screws or adhesives. This way the bed can be easily assembled… Read more →

Activity game

Activity game

Background: The Activity game motivates children to exercise. The daily activity of the user is recorded and the more activity the children show, the greater the reward will be. Children are able to earn bonus points by showing more activity or finishing specific exercise assignments. Thereby increasing the overall activity of the kids. I developed the Activity game as my graduate project… Read more →

Babybloom incubator

Background: During my internship at Promolding I worked together with a team of engineers on detailing of the design of the Babybloom incubator. The BabyBloom Incubator is the only incubator that can be positioned over a hospital bed, offering intimate contact. The BabyBloom Incubator is the first incubator that allows any person to work in an ideal ergonomic position while… Read more →

Greenhouse project

Background: “Design a greenhouse for people to grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruits at home”   The greenhouse was developed as the final group project for my study in Product design engineering. In my role of project leader I led a team of 5 students in the development of this greenhouse. The project contained both user research, Co-design sessions… Read more →