Crew rest experience

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for airline crews to rest on long flights? At Zodiac Galleys Europe we have.

Working at Zodiac I was in leading the complete re-design of a resting facility for the cabin crew on large airplanes.

Zodiac Galleys Europe produces Lower Deck Mobile Crew Rests (LDMCR) for Airbus A330/A340 since the ‘90s. Over the years the product essentially remained the same. To prepare the product for the next generation of aircraft, the Crew Rest Experience project was initiated.


Crew rest experience
Crew rest experience


The initiative was taken to design the new LDMCR interior from scratch. In every step of the process users were involved. The initial research team collaborated with over 30 flight attendants from 4 different continents, who shared their experiences related to crew rests. The extensive research provided a thorough understanding of the factors which influence how users experience crew rests.

Crew rest experience, Bunk view

When we started concept development, the team brainstormed on solutions to create the best crew rest environment, focusing on perception of space, privacy and personal comfort. The resulting ideas were puzzled together until a comprehensive concept for the new interior started to take shape.

Crew rest experience, Top view

As the level of detail and complexity increased, so did the project team. During the early development phases simple prototypes where used to test the ideas with users. Full-scale prototypes were built to validate electrical, heating and ventilation systems. Everything started coming together in an engineering prototype.

Crew rest experience, Cut-out view

The resulting design offers the most personal crew rest on the market. Comfort, flexibility and appearance improved, while the cost of ownership is reduced. The design has received a lot of positive reviews when it was presented to industry on the 2015 Aircraft interior expo in Hamburg.

Crew rest experience, Bunk view

I am personally very happy with the results and the feedback we received from both customers, OEMs and most importantly the flight attendants who will use the new crew rest in the future.



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