Activity game

The Activity game motivates children to exercise.

The daily activity of the user is recorded and the more activity the children show, the greater the reward will be.
Children are able to earn bonus points by showing more activity or finishing specific exercise assignments. Thereby increasing the overall activity of the kids.

I developed the Activity game as my graduate project for my study Product design engineering. The project was executed at SKY-Worldwide in Shanghai (China).

Activity game

The Activity game product has to be compact and light so even the youngest user can carry it with them during the day. The product must be able to go for a week without being recharged meaning the battery of the product has to be powerful enough to be used for this duration of time.

The second challenge was developing a system that would provide te children with an attractive game to reward them, while keeping the focus on the exercise, not on the game.

Activity game

The Activity game is optimized for children between the age of five and ten. Together with the users the Activity game is developed to be a compact product with a sporty, child-friendly shape.
To make the product more attractive to use, it is made possible to connect the Activity game to different types of accessories. The Activity game, with its high-class sensors is the strategic hub of the Activity game and its accessories.

The accessories that where developed ranged from simple sport armbands to pogo-sticks and jumping boards.


Activity game


The game is developed to reward the user for their daily activity. The more activity the user displays during the day, the more fun their game time will be. The game is developed around an appealing character. The combination of the character and active gameplay ensures that the user stays intrigued and continues to be active.

During the development of the Activity game special care was taken in the development of the electrical components. By developing both the electrical parts and the design of the product it is possible to develop a small product that incorporates both design and engineering.

Activity game Activity game Activity game Activity game