Greenhouse project

“Design a greenhouse for people to grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruits at home”


The greenhouse was developed as the final group project for my study in Product design engineering.
In my role of project leader I led a team of 5 students in the development of this greenhouse.

The project contained both user research, Co-design sessions as the technical detailing and prototyping of the product.


concept greenhouse


The greenhouse is designed for people who want their fresh vegetables with a minimum amount of effort. Different concepts where developed for different user types.

Detail of the concept

The final product uses smart natural principles to water the plants with minimal human effort and no electrical power necessary.

Assembly of the prototype

The prototype is completely made out eco board and PC plastic. The parts can be easily disassembled and discarded.
This follows the Cradle to Cradle philosophy in which the plastic parts can be recycled to new plastic parts and the eco-board parts can be put back into the ecological cycle.

Detail of the concept Final prototype Final prototype Final prototype