Parasol bed

Inspired by the parasol building in Seville, the bed is designed around an organic structural backbone.

Like the building in Seville, the bed is made of  interlocking wooden parts.

Inspirational building for my bed
Inspirational building for my bed

The bed is made of wood available at the local hardware store, and can be completely assembled without any screws or adhesives.
This way the bed can be easily assembled and disassembled while keeping the cost down.

Parasol bed parts Parasol bed parts

Because the bed is made of interlocking parts, it can be transported as a flatpack and is easy to assemble or disassemble. Because there aren’t any screws or adhesives used in the bed it can be used over and over again.

Parasol bed Parasol bed

The bed is designed is a way that is seems to float, the “legs” of the bed are carefully hidden from your eyes. As with any bed, the user will only notice the comfort of the bed, the structure is carefully hidden away.