Jochem Wartena

Jochem Wartena

Profile As an industrial designer I have a broad interest in many new technologies and developments. I am capable of keeping an overview on complex products, processes and projects. Finding the underlying problem behind consumer questions. I am driven, result oriented, a team player with (technical) knowledge and able to communicate on different levels with team members. As fro my personality I am an explorer, trying to discover new things in life. This is both true for my working life as well as my private life. 

Work experience
Research and technology engineer at Zodiac Aerospace.
Zodiac Galleys Europe is part of Zodiac Aerospace (, a stock listed company in the aviation industry. Zodiac Galleys Europe designs, manufactures, and markets high quality galleys and crew rests. It serves virtually all the world’s airlines and aircraft manufacturers. Working as industrial designer and lead engineer on several projects I gained experience in: industrial design, by designing multiple new products in the aircraft interior. being a lead engineer, with a leading role in multiple multidisciplinary projects. the development of new processes, for the creation and processing of innovative ideas. user centered design, involving the users in the design process. technical knowledge, created innovative technical solutions. Ranging from new material implementations to smart electronics. supervising students, coaching and supporting of interns, graduates and other student groups.
Internships and graduation
2012 SKY worldwide, Shanghai Graduation internship at the design department. I designed a children’s toy to help them be more active by rewarding them for their activity in a handheld game. The project included: Working with the users, market and technologies. Designing of the game and product. Developing electrical components and the plastic parts in collaboration with local manufacturers. 2010-2011 Promolding bv, Den Haag Internship at the engineering department. Designing an incubator for newborn babies. I designed a additional fixture for the Babybloom incubator. This fixture helps the user safely attach parts of the incubator. This project incorporates interaction design, the design of the parts and health and safety regulations.
Product design engineering
University of applied sciences Utrecht
I learned to turn an idea into a product. I obtained knowledge about all aspects of design and engineering. Combining the wishes of the clients and the users with the right form, ergonomics, material, production process and mechanical & electronic elements of a product.
Embedded system engineering
University of applied sciences Arnhem and Nijmegen
I studied the design and production of embedded systems. Including electronics, actuator systems, software programming and prototyping. I focused on the implementation of complex electronic systems for user environments. Integrating user needs into complex technical installations.

Crew rest area on board of a vehicle, in particular an airplane  US 20150053817 A1 This patent describes a curtain in an aircraft that uses magnets to achieve improved privacy and separation without affecting the safety of the passenger or flight attendant.   GLASS SURFACES FOR USE IN AIRCRAFT AND OTHER VEHICLES US2016221307 (A1) Innovative use of glass as a cover material for aircraft galleys LOWER DECK MOBILE CREW REST WITH LOWERED FLOOR US2016075432 (A1) Improved design of the crew rest container on board the aircraft. allowing for maximum standing height while keeping a mobile container.

My Skills
Industrial design
Able to develop a product from problem to prototype.Experienced in the complete process, starting with research, sketching, quick prototyping.
Experienced in user centered design processes.Able to involve the user throughout the design to set-up user research, brainstorm, co-creation sessions and evaluation of concepts. Course:Masterclass User-centered Innovation, Delft University of Technology. (November 2013)
Design for aviation
Multiple years of experience designing for aviation.Challenging the industry with new industrial design concepts, new materials and ways of working.
High level of understanding of Solidworks. (CSWA qualified)
Computer skills
Good understanding of both Apple and Windows computer systems.Experience in (WordPress) website development.Limited knowledge of programming language like C(++) and HTML.Understanding of electronics and embedded systems.
Computer rendering
Great 3D and 2D rendering skills, with Photoview 360, Luxion Keyshot and Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe creative suite
Good understanding of the rest of the Adobe creative suite software.Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.
Sketching an design skills
Good design skills, good in problem solving and designing of solutions.Able to communicate my design ideas with others using sketching techniques.
Electronics and embedded systems
Overall understanding of electronic systems and embedded computer systems.Able to collaborate with experts on the design of an electrical or embedded system.
Manufacturing knowledge
Sufficient knowledge of the impact design has on manufacturing processes.Extensive knowledge of metal and plastics production.Sufficient knowledge of composite manufacturing.
People skills
Team player with plenty of experience in projects. Accompanied several students during their project, internship or graduation.
Native Dutch.
Fluent in reading, writing and speaking English.
Adequate level of understanding german in both speech and reading.

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